The Vortex Bed Liner

Now it may very well be that you might get a Vortex bed liner and yet never hear the name. The Vortex liner company makes whole systems for spraying on liner material.

What they offer in particular is a portable spray system that lets the dealers work in a shop or at customer locations. That opens up all sorts of opportunities for doing all sorts of coatings in all kinds of places. It's the portable nature of the equipment that sets the Vortex coatings apart from others.

The Vortex system includes activator and resin, but the advantage is the portable equipment and the ability to put coatings on just about anywhere.

This isn't just a black coat either. There are a whole rainbow of colors available for the installers to offer.

So the Vortex bed liner is not necessarily a highly touted name in bed liner spray on coatings but actually many installers are going to be using a system like this if not this very one. It isn't just Rhino and Line-X who are putting in spray in bed liners. Vortex and others are active at it as well.

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