The Truck Bed Mats And Free Shipping

Some times there are things that are just a good deal. Getting truck bed mats and free shipping is one of those. Now there are surely some limits as far as what the bed mats can do but when you look at the way these liners do excel it's a wonder that more truck owners don't choose to use these. Here's why...

Of course you can get the carpet mats like the BedRug mats and that is surely a luxury kind of liner option that works really well especially under tonneau covers or truck bed caps. The carpet liners aren't much good for really tough use though. They're too hard to keep clean. In a lot of case the rubber truck bed mats make a lot more sense.

The mats are not much like a door mat at your house either. These liners mats from Protect or DeeZee or TrailFX are some really heavy rubber. This is the kind of material that is still flexible but is also hard to cut and hard to even scratch. This is almost more like car tires than it is like what you think of as rubber. In fact clearly these mats are related to car tires. Some even include cords in them which are going to add to the toughness and make the mats harder to tear and harder to cut.

You're basically getting a rubber bed liner with the pickup bed mats and the truck bed mat reviews you can find will show what happens.

These are a lot simpler to make than are plastic bed liners apparently and there are models available for many more trucks. Even a lot of older trucks have mats to fit but not drop in liners.

My Truck Bed Mat Review

The truck I have that has a Protect mat in it is a 1976 Chevrolet and it's a custom fit too. It goes right around the fender wells and even has the correct little dips to clear the little bumps for the frame up near the front of the bed.

Then if you think about the free shipping option it really gets a little bit funny. The liner mat I have cost nothing to ship and it weighs in at over 60 pounds. It's of course as big as a truck bed so it rolls into a large roll. The typical cost to ship large items is in the dollar a pound range. Free shipping is quite a bargain.

These truck bed mats with free shipping are likely one of the best deals in truck bed accessories. When you consider how one of these can protect a spray in bed liner as well as protecting the truck bed, it's hard to see why most pickups don't include a bed mat. It's a good deal and the cost is almost a joke it's so cheap.

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