Some Truck Bed Mat Options

A rubber truck bed mat from Protecta, Trail FX or others offers protection that's more than the low price would suggest. See, that thick rubber material is just about as tough as you can find. Then when you look at what you pay, it may be an obvious bargain.

Even over a much more costly spray in bed liner, pickup mats can absorb all kinds of impacts and keep what's underneath unharmed. That's the real advantage of thick rubber mats. The material soaks up impact better than almost anything else you could fit in a pickup bed.

Since it's so easy to slip in and out, a cheap mat can only be used when needed and simply stored the rest of the time.

Again, it's the almost impossible to damage material that will soak up impact and completely eliminate scratching of the bed or bed liner that's under the mat that makes mats so valuable.

The rubber truck bed mat is not the only option either. Carpet bed mats, like from BedRug, perform much like the heavier and maybe uglier rubber version. Carpet on the other hand offers a softer surface that works perfectly for some hauling tasks.

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Surely truck bed mats offer a lot for a little money. Check out the TrailFX for a rubber bed mat or one of the carpet bed mats from BedRug.

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