Cheap Protection With A Pickup Bed Liner Mat

A truck bed liner mat is for more than just protecting a truck's looks. See, without some kind of bed protection, your truck will likely lead a short life.

A damaged bed is the start of rust, corrosion and a truck that's headed to an early grave. Even if you have a bed liner, the right bed mat can save your truck. Here's why...

Pickup Truck Bed Mats

See, it's about more than just preventing scratches. A truck that's used is often dented up too. That's a where a heavy bed mat is a real saver. A mat can cushion all kinds of blows. Just loading firewood is a truck bed is a perfect chance for dents that won't go away. Who needs a dented up truck bed??? There's more. If you have an expensive bed liner, a cheap mat is an easy way to protect the liner while you really do rough hauling tasks. Why tear up an expensive liner if you don't have to? You have several choice of the best protection.

Carpet Bed Liner

Now, don't get me wrong. A carpet bed mat or liner is plenty tough. The BedRug bed liners, for example, can take all kinds of abuse. But carpet will get rough looking fast with mud and grease. So carpet is especially right under a truck cap or tonneau cover. The carpet mats are just right for cushioning fragile loads or even good for cushioning knees if you may be on your knees on the back of the truck. Like, for example, if you have a cap over the back and have to arrange cargo on your knees. The truck bed carpet is perfect for cushioning. What about really nasty hauling?

Rubber Truck Bed Mats

Let's face it, real work trucks take a beating. But, no beating is too tough for a cheap rubber pickup bed mat. Think about hauling concrete blocks, for example. Try that with no bed protection or even with a spray in bed liner. Damage is just about guaranteed. A cheap rubber mat can take blocks in stride, and most any other load too. You want really cheap, tough protection? It's hard to beat a rubber bed mat...

Bed Mats For Trucks -- Reverse

The other plus to mats... Most are reversible. Now, that can be rubber on one side and carpet on the other. Or, just two rubber sides or two carpet sides. In any case, you get two sides to use and damage. That way the mat can look good for longer, and protect for longer too.

You want cheap protection. A truck bed liner mat is the best way to go. Even if you have a spray on bed liner, a bed mat will let you really use your truck and still keep it looking good. It's a good deal...

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