The Spray On Truck Bed Liner Option

The spray on truck bed liner isn't the only bed liner, but many people like them best. They are hard to beat for looks since they give a truck a finished, custom appearance.

There's more than looks to professional spray in bed liners though. Here are 5 ways a spray on bed liner may be the best choice.

Tough counts in a pickup and a truck bed coating can take a lot of abuse. Spray bedliners are tough partly because the materials applied are very thick, up to 1/4 inch thick. So you can beat away a lot of bedliner material before you get down to the pickup bed. These liners can take a lot of abuse.

You see these coatings are a permanent addition to your truck. That way there's no need to worry about having to replace the liner. It's there to stay.

A big plus to a professionally applied truck bed lining is the guarantee. Make sure it's guaranteed for the life of the truck. That way you have permanent truck bed protection. You get more than just protection too.

One other plus is the cushion feel of the spray on truck bed liners. All that rubber texture in the bed coating gives cushion to cargo and makes the surface non-skid too. That way your load isn't going to be shifting around. It will stay put. There's more...

Looks isn't everything, but looks counts. See you can even get a bed liner in colors. So you can pick a color other than black to match the look of your truck.

Now years ago liners tended to fade in color over time, from the sun. But anymore the coatings are UV resistant so the color stays the same for a long time. Keep the color you choose even if the bed is in the sunlight.

spray on truck bed liner

What if something happens? Damage that is... That's where the guarantee comes in. These coatings are repairable so they can be recoated after any damage. That means scrapes and scratches can be repaired at any time so the truck bed stays new looking.

The truck bed liner spray isn't perfect, but it has a lot of advantages.

Spray In Bed Liners Options

Famous names in bed liners of course include Linex or Line-X and then Rhino Lining. These two offer many dealers that are really a franchisee.

The Line-x or Rhino liner will be applied by and serviced by a local dealer that will likely prominently feature the Rhino and LineX bed liner brands. The quality of work you receive and service depends on the dealer.

One real plus to professional installation is the guarantee. Since these liners come with a lifetime warranty there's a lot of incentive for the applicator to do the job right. That means the proper preparation will be done and the coating will last.

Other major manufacturers of bed liner paint include Xtreme liners as well as Speedliner. Look for these names applied by local dealers. There are other brands as well.

All the main spray in liner applicators offer tough bed liner paint with texture. These material get used in lots of applications besides pickup bed too. Applications like dump truck beds and material handling systems. Not indestructible, they're all tough nonetheless.

Another option is the do it yourself truck bed liner or the roll on bed liner. Herculiner comes to mind. Again, preparation is the key. Skip the tedious work of surface prep and you likely will end up with a coating that won't stay put for long...

If you're really going to use your truck for hauling rough cargo, you might consider a plastic bed liner. That way you avoid the damage that the spray on truck bed liner will take. Sure you can repair a spray coating, but that doesn't mean it can't be damaged. A tough plastic liner is harder to damage and can be easily replaced too.

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