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Considering The Spray On Bed Liner Options

A spray in bed liner is hard to best for looks and works well in other ways too. The bed liner industry has been built on truck bed paint, but the technology behind the coatings makes the paint almost more than paint.

That's true because the paint coatings are so tough and able to withstand much abuse.

spray in bed liner

The Rhino Lining liners are leaders but Line-X offers similar products too. Each are installed by local dealers and both as well as others offer strong warranties.

That's possible because the coatings can be sprayed again to deal with any kind of damage. That makes repairs as simple as a reapplication of the bed paint.

The commercial dealer installed bed liners include the following choices among others. Also there are many dealers who are actually using equipment and materials that are of one of the "brand names," even though you may not see that name.

Some Of The Spray In Options

  • Rhino
  • Linex
  • Full Metal Jacket Bed Liner
  • Xtremeliners
  • Speedliners

The preparation for painting is the key to getting a liner coating that stays on. The do it yourself liners in some cases are a fine alternative to the higher priced liners. The problem is that the do it yourself liners still count on a hard-to-do prep job to get a lining that will stay on.

The coating thickness is key to the success of the liners. There's simply so much material on the bed that it's tough to get through all that thickness and get to the metal underneath. That's means the liner absorbs most damage and not the metal of the pickup bed.

Spray in bed liners are not perfect, but offer many advantages. Other liner options like the do it yourself versions seem at first to offer huge savings.

The DIY Spray On Coatings

But really the diy bed liner is a compromise as well, and the limitations should be known before settling for anything other than the professional versions.

Some of the do it yourself liners offer a really superior coating too. As long as you realize the difficulty of preparing the truck bed for paint the roll on liners are worth a look.

Especially consider one of the liners below for a do it yourself option.

Consider These Options For Spray Coatings

Get real too. The liner people who claim their coating is 5 times thicker and stuff like that are really stretching it a bit. Maybe, if the paint has bigger particles in it, you could argue for that.

But really... If you put a gallon of one coating on, how can it be a lot thicker than a gallon of something else? That's only true if there's a lot more solids in one than the other. So look out for some wild claims...

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Some of the do it yourself spray on bed liner options now rival the better professionally applied coats. Though not exactly a no-work project, installing a bed liner yourself is pretty simple. Take a look. Also consider the rubber bed liner that offers a difference.

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