best do it yourself bed liner

Tricks To Spray In Bed Liners

When you consider that the spray in bed liners haven't been around very long this is one fast growing industry. Still the Rhino Liners are hard to beat but when you look at all the installers you quickly find that Rhino has a lot of competition.

For a fairly small investment there are easy ways to add bed liner spray as a business to existing auto service. You can use the Full Metal Jacket system or Vortex or several others. In many cases you can offer some technical advantages over the bigger name installers as well. It's really true that all you need is the equipment and you can then just buy the materials to put the liners on and there you go. There are no high dealer fees and no franchise costs. That also means you're pretty much on your own for marketing and you don't get the name brand recognition like you get with Rhino or Line-X. It's possible to make it though.

The other way that spray on bed liners are growing is with the do it yourself bed liner market. Selling paint at a hundred dollars a gallon has got the attention of all the paint makers. Think there is any profit margin in paint at those prices???

It does appear that there are several do it yourself bed liner paint suppliers that offer technical advantages as well. Those seem to be coming from the smaller not so well known brands. If you're not number one you have to try harder I guess.

What About The Spray In Bed Liners From Al's?

Looking at Al's bed liner for example you get this material that can be customized in all sorts of ways for the do it yourself spray in bed liner. It can be colored to any color with the addition of regular auto paint pigments. They show you how. It can be soft and thick, as with the Rhino, or thinner and harder, as with the Line-X. What's more it can include rubber texture or not. It's optional. So just as an example, the Al's product is fully custom ready and the paint is no more expensive than many others which might make it the best do it yourself bed liner. It's part of the Scorpion coatings line too. They make and install liners that are put on by the pros.

The spray in liners put on by the pros like Rhino are not the only way to go. There are all sorts of other options in the professionally installed bed liner coatings. Then the do it yourself liners present even more options. If you do it yourself you can get some really superior material. The installation is tricky though or even the best material may not stay put for long.

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