Some Spray In Pickup Bed Liner Tips

For custom fits of liners the spray in bed liner deserves a close look. In many cases custom liners come in many models but maybe not enough. Here;s why you can look high and low and still not find what you need.

Certainly if you need a F150 bed liner then you will find what you need in just about any model or brand of bed liner there is. That is so because these are quite clearly the most popular of pickups and as such everybody will have one for you.

It's partly not just popularity though as much as it is just the volume of trucks that are out there of the popular models. See it takes time and expense to develop molds or tooling to make some of the liner types.

That goes for plastic drop in truck bed liners as well as to custom rubber truck bed mats too. Each requires expense to design and build the tooling to make the liners which are custom.

Plastic liners must fit very well too since poor fits of plastic liners result in moving of the liners as wind passes over them. That is a sure problem since the moving liners often rub away paint and leave you with bare metal under the liner... Not a good thing.

Spray liners on the other hand can make a coating on any old truck or any odd truck just made in small numbers. It does not matter how low the volume of your truck or whatever. Ever sprayed on liner is a custom project.

Rhino Liners and Line-X and Speedliner and other major liner brands all put on coatings that at this point in history are quite well proven to work.

Part of the reason the liner work is just the thickness of the coating which could be called a paint but it really goes beyond mere liner paint like you might put on as a do it yourself bed liner. Try putting on paint up to a quarter inch thick and you will see that the professional coatings are quite tricky.

It may seem that the spray on bed liner cost is a bit on the steep side. But again if you look at the thickness of the liner material on a finished liner and you will quickly see that you get a lot of coat with the liners from the major brands.

Spray In Bed Liner From The Pros

Since the major liner installers also guarantee the liners you get some assurance of two major factors.

Firstly, that makes it more likely that the coatings get put on properly. The trick to liners staying on is the same whether Rhino Liner puts it on or you put on liner paint yourself. And this part gets left out of the roll on bed liner literature. You or somebody must do some serious surface preparation to get paint to stay on. Skip or skimp on surface prep and the paint will come off.

Secondly, liners that get damaged are repaired under warranty with some limits. That means within reason you can use a truck and since it will be repaired at no cost, you get a permanent liner coating that will stay with the truck for a long time. Again, since it gets repaired the liner coat will likely get put on properly.

Getting a spray in bed liner is far from the lowest cost route to a bed liner for a truck. If you need a custom liner for whatever reason and you consider the positives of spray liners, it may represent one of the better options for many owners including maybe you...

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