spray can bed liner

Don't Go For A Spray Can Bed Liner

Putting on pickup bed paint to get a spray can bed liner may look like the cleanest and easiest way to a do it yourself bed liner. It isn't. Don't do it. Read on for more.

First of all to get the paint to spray from a can there are some real compromises. The paint is really thinned out to get it through the nozzle. That may not make sense to you, but it will if you see the stuff that you get in a regular can like the Herculiner bed liner kit for example.

The consistency of what you normally get with spray in bed liners for trucks will not go through a spray can.

Now for touch up work and for small areas and small projects, that's an entirely different matter. A spray can will be perfect. But, please, not for a whole truck bed.

You can put on bed liner paint with a roller so easily that there is no reason at all to try using a spray can to do the whole bed. Seriously, it's a lot easier to get good results with a roller and it's also easier to keep the paint where you want it too.

The real key to getting good results with a bed liner that you put on with paint is the preparation for painting. That includes washing the bed and sanding it. None of that is easy but it is work. It must be done no matter how you put the paint on.

After you get the bed ready to paint, the easiest way to put the paint on is not with a spray can but with a roller. You'll get much better results.

Leave the spray can bed liner work for small areas and for touch-up projects. Use a roller or brush for most of the work. It takes a real spray set-up for spraying paint on a whole bed. But that's not necessary. A roller works just fine.

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