The Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating

The spray on bed liner cost has gone so high it's tempting to look at the do it yourself versions. The roll on bed liner reviews make it look like it is possible to get pretty good results if you do it yourself. If you look at Rhino bed liner cost it makes it look like somebody it getting rich. Then in comes the Rustoleum truck bed coating and the many other coating makers and it gets really confusing very quickly.

Part of the confusion may be intentional. Some of this stuff is really questionable. Like "ours is 5 times thicker" and stuff like that. How can a bed liner paint coat be thicker when it's made up of a gallon of paint just like the other guy's? I guess it could have more solids in it...

At least with Rustoleum you're dealing with a known entity. They do know paint. And the Rustoleum literature is pretty straight forward too with no outrageous claims.

You can get a bed liner kit. You can get the paint in a spray can. You can just get it by the gallon.

A lot of these paints are described in different chemical terms too. This one if a polyurethane as are many of the others. It's also textured as are many others.

The Rustoleum truck bed coating will be much like many of the other liner coats. It isn't nearly as full of features as some other liner coatings. The Al's liner product for example can be modified with different textures, different colors, different hardness and so forth. This one is pretty much just one type of paint with some color options. It's also likely to fade over time too.

The Trick To The Rustoleum Bed Liner

The trick to getting a bed liner coating installed and getting satisfactory results is not so much about the coating as is about the applicator. It seems the word is out that all you have to do is paint on the coating and the project is done. It just ain't so.

To get a Rustoleum bed liner that looks good and lasts will take quite a bit of work. You must get the surfaces to be coated clean and well etched. That's simple but it seems it seldom gets done. Compare a Rustoleum bed liner vs Herculiner and you will find the real differences are slight in the materials. Both take careful preparation to get a good coat that stays.

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