Some Ideas For A Roll In Bed Liner 

One of the more popular ways to get a roll on bed liner is the Herculiner kit and it comes in several colors too. Application of the paint with sprayer, roller or brush all results in a finish that looks much like a sprayed in coating. So it's more a do it yourself bed liner than just a roll on bed liner.

Check out the following comparisons between three of the leading paint products.

Besides the Herculiner bed liner, you can also get a similar paint product from Rustoleum as well as get Duplicolor Bed Armor and Plasti-Kote too.

roll on bed liner

Application is as easy as can be but there are some tricks that may not be so obvious.

Skip steps in the application and a roll on bed liner may not be such a great deal after all. It's possible to save a lot of money by handling the application yourself, but like a lot of things there are some things you should know or it may not be such a great deal...

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The Herculiner coating remains a top seller. Worth an even closer look are the products from Al's bed liner and Magnaliner or Monstaliner.

Another option is the plastic and rubber DualLiner Bed Liner. It's a combination of plastic sides for the bed and a rubber floor. It's a real option for many trucks. It isn't available for every truck, but if they offer one for your pickup it might be worth considering.

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