The Roll On Truck Bed Liner Option

A roll on truck bed liner option compares well in many ways to popular truck liner options like the plastic truck bed liners and the soft and luxury carpet liners like the BedRug liners. The advantages of the bed liner coatings are several and only by comparing the different liner types is it easy to say which is better. Following are several ways bed liner paint maybe is best and a little bit about how the roll on coatings compare to spray in versions.

For starters, any kind of paint-on bed liner makes for a custom fit for any part. It works not only for truck beds but for Jeep tubs or ATV beds or fender wells. The tough coatings have numerous applications.

The universal fit means that if you have an older Toyota T100 and alas there are no obvious Toyota bed liner for your truck, the solution may be a liner coating. That's the case for many older trucks that have few if any custom fit liners of other types.

But what about other advantages?

Either a roll liner or a spray on type is a fast way to improve the looks of any truck. Now it is not just a matter of covering over a lot of damage like rust with paint and problem solved.

A certain amount of repair and paint prep is a must for any kind of paint to stick and stay. But in either brush, spray or roll on application the improvement to looks of trucks is fast and relatively easy.

What's more the truck bed paint coatings can stop further damage too. The LineX bed liner or Rhino Linings liners and other competing professionally applied coatings like Speedliner are the benchmark.

These liners are so tough they are serious competition for even the plastic drop in liners like Pendaliner and Duraliner. But the price is somewhat steep though the toughness and insulation are tought to beat.

Roll On Truck Bed Liner Application

Applying liner paint yourself is a serious option. Leaders in the these coatings include the Grizzly Grip bed liner along with the Dupli Color truck bed liner as well as Herculiner orAl's Bed Liner.

The paint on bed liner is put on either with a sprayer or brush or roller. In either case, some rough surface prep is all that's required and then the actual application is quite simple. The finished coat is a lot like the pro models.

The difference is much less money spent for one, but quite a bit of work is required.

Then too, the finished coat is much less thick and cannot match the toughness of the leaders like Line-x.

It could be though that the resulting roll on truck bed liner you install yourself is plenty good enough and will last for a long time and make for a better looking truck with some added truck protection too.

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