The Roll On Bed Liner Option

A roll on bed liner is a fast way to save money. Certainly the do it yourself option is not the right way to go for many truck owners but it may be something that will work for you and your truck...

Here's how it goes...

Why a Roll On Bed Liner?

A do it yourself bed liner costs a lot less than a professionally applied coating like the Rhino Liner or Line-X.

The main reason to consider the roll in bed liner comes down to just one factor... It's the money...

Putting on bed liner paint gets you a liner that only costs a fourth or less of what a liner like a Rhino or Line-X will set you back.

It gets a coating on a bed that makes the bed look better and adds a layer of protection too.

Especially for older trucks showing some age and damage, the liner paint can make the truck look better without a whole lot of work and without a big outlay of money.

But it does come down to the money.

If your pickup is a later model truck worth a lot of money, you probably want a spray on liner.

Why? A professional coating is thicker and tougher than a do it yourself version.

roll on bed liner

Plus you get a guarantee that includes repair if there's damage. That's a good deal. The roll on bedliners will not be nearly as think as the professional liners and not as durable.

The professional liners get you a liner that goes on much thicker. That is in large part the reason for the greater durability. The do it yourself liner use a gallon or a little more paint. The Rhino and similar liners use four or more gallons of material to make the coating. That builds a lot more thickness and that makes for far more liner to get through to get to the bed itself.

But the fact is the paint on liner coat may be plenty good enough for many trucks and it is a lot cheaper. Here's how to get going...

Roll On Bed Liner Prep

See, the real key to the do it yourself paint project is the preparation for the coating. That's simple but not often so very easy.

What it takes for preparation is a good cleaning and then some heavy sanding. Now the cleaning is to get off all the old grease or wax. It's more than just washing. It's a fast wash with a regular automotive solvent type cleaner. Do this before any sanding.

Somebody said to me that all that cleaning is not necessary since the paint is so sticky. After all it's hard to get off your hands. That may be true about your hands. But really how long does the paint stay on your hands? Not really very long. A day or two?

Clean the surface to be coated well or it will peel...

Once it's clean, a good heavy sanding is the key to diy bed liner paint that stays put. You'll need some very aggressive sanding material and just go at it...

A good scratching is really what it takes to get the surface in the right shape. A scratched surface will make it easier for the truck bed coating to stick like it should. So forget about careful sanding. It's just very coarse sanding that is needed.

Then you're ready...

Bed Liner Paint Application

Putting the paint on is the easy part... That's because this is really thick paint and it has a lot of texture in it. So it covers all kinds of flaws really well. Compared to the washing and the sanding the painting is very easy to get done.

You can roll it on. You can brush it on. You can spray it on. It all looks about the same since the thick paint sags a bit as it cures and the application marks just fade on away...

A gallon is not quite enough though. You want to make sure you get a good coating. The thicker the coating, the more damage the liner can take.

A do it yourself liner is a fast way to improve the looks of a pickup. Especially if you have an older truck, this truck bed coating makes a truck look far better.

Preparation is simple, but it's very important. The application of the bed liner paint itself is so easy. The paint is thick and fast to roll on.

A kit is an easy way to get all the supplies you need in one spot. Check out both Dupli-Color bed liner paint as well as Plasti-Kote.

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