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Some Roll On Bed Liner Reviews To Consider

One way to get a bed liner is to paint it on yourself. I've used liner paint and thought on this page I would just list some of the coating choices and start with some little roll on bed liner reviews to include some info about each. These are a few of those that are the most popular and well known. Look for more in the future as I add to this list.

Think about this...

If you've ever painted anything, what's the hardest part of the roll on bed liner project?

It's getting ready to paint, right?

Same here.

Some of these paint makers make it sound easier than it really is.

Some of the advertising claims look outrageous to me. I'll point some of this out here and in other spots on this site.

When a company says outrageous things it makes you wonder???

Anyway... Here goes with some of the bed liner paint makers and what they have in the way of brush on or roll on liner coatings.


Herculiner reviews put a premium on the kits they offer. The Herculiner kit has most of what you need to at least get started. These folks claim there coating is up to 5 times as thick as the competition. How can a gallon of paint spread out over a truck bed be 5 times as thick as another gallon of paint spread over the same area? Huh? It could have more solids I suppose. Or the rubber pieces in the paint could be 5 times as big, maybe. Sounds a little weird to me.

Duplicolor Bed Liner

You may know this name from there touch up paint. They surely know paint. They have the paint with Kevlar. Kevlar is used in bullet-proof vests and chain saw leg guards and all sorts of other places. The only trouble is it's a material that is strong and hard to cut or tear. Unless it is in long strands in paint it does nothing. In long strands it will resist cutting and tearing. In ground up pieces it does nothing. Huh oh??? Gimmick???

Rustoleum Bed Liner

From Rustoleum you can get a two part liner that is epoxy based. This one also includes ground up tires in it for some texture. I'm not too keen on ground up tires in liner paint. It makes it too easy to gouge the finished surface and break out little chunks of paint which is the start of a liner coating coming apart. These folks claim that no priming is required. Maybe that is truck with epoxy paint. What do you think?

Raptor Bed Liner

The Raptor U-Pol finish is pretty typical it seems. This is a urethane coat that can be rolled on, brushed on or sprayed. It uses different hardeners to control the work time. That's a plus. Like many of these paints it refers to applying it over original paint finishes. Get that??? Original... Note that an acid etch primer is recommended over bare metal. Makes sense to me.

Gator Guard Liner

This is another liner paint that's a little different. The formula is an epoxy and urethane blend as opposed to polyurethane. Has price to reflect a little more complex chemistry. This is not cheap at all.

Grizzly Grip Bed Liner

What I like about the Grizzly Grip is the UV stabilizer included that is added to the basic paint. They also include an accelerator to get it dry fast. This coating dries better in high humidity environments. Now what about that? Very realistic instructions for preparation including directions for use of solvents for cleaning. This product is also sold as a coating suitable for commercial of professional application.

Plastikote Bed Liner

Now about 5 years ago this is the paint we put on one truck. It's still mostly on. It never has peeled. It has been knocked off in a lot of places however. This gets at the trouble with these products. What you have is a thin coating. Treat in rough and you can just physically knock it off. That's what happened here. I still say it worked well but it does need some maintenance.

Al`s Bed Liner

Related to Scorpion liners, which is one of the professional liner applicators, this is a multi-part product that claims to match the commercial liners. It puts the emphasis on the high solids content of the material. It can be custom colored to any color and the texture is also such that you can match most any other liner look or feel. I like that the standard component mix includes primer. That's a good sign.


No tire rubber. Has its own texture. Realistic description of process. Colors. Kits. Roll on or spray on. My next liner intstalltion will be this one.

These are just some little roll on bed liner reviews for a start. Of course in most cases this material can also be sprayed in with the right equipment. In most cases the finished coat is a lot alike whether the paint is put on with a roller or brush or spray gun.


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