Rhino Liners Set The Standard

Rhino Linings USA, Incorporated is one of the leaders if you are looking at spray pickup bed liners.

Founded in 1988 By Russell Lewis of South Africa. The TuffStuff from Rhino Linings evolved from mining car linings used in the South African mining industry. Rhino introduced a rubber-like two part polyurethane coating that can be sprayed very thick. The coating components, a catalyst and resin, are mixed as liquids but harden within seconds after mixing. Airless spray equipment is used to mix the materials as they are sprayed.

Since the materials are sprayed without air or solvents, environmental impacts are limited.

The thick coatings applied produce a durable surface, difficult to penetrate. The volume of material applied as compared to some other alternative coatings is high. Up to five to six gallons of material is applied to a truck bed.

These thick, durable rubber-like coatings have made Rhino a favorite of truck owners. Rhino covers over two million truck beds!

If you are considering applying a truck bed liner yourself, Rhino bed liners are the standard of comparison.

A bed liner kit you get will have a single part polyurethane material most likely. The material can be sprayed with conventional spray equipment or applied with a brush or roller. The finish is usually fast curing, but not in seconds like the Rhino liner. Another alternative is the DualLiner drop in bed liner.

Rhino Liner Plus

Part of the advantage of the Rhino liner is the thickness of the material. Most of the bed liner in a kit products use one to one and a half gallons of material compared to five or six gallons of material in a Rhino coating. Part of the savings you get with doing a bed liner yourself is simply using less material.

But the thinner coating you apply yourself may be sufficient for your use.

Especially for an older truck to improve cosmetics, the thinner coat you apply may be just what you need.

When you consider savings of up to $500 by using a bed liner kit, it may be the right deal for you. But then on the other hand, remember that the do it yourself version is a very serious compromise as compared to the better professionally applied liner coats. They, the liner paint versions, will not stand up to what the better liners will.

Rhino Bed Liners are the standard. Rated #1 sprayed-on bed liner company in Frost Sullivan North American Light Truck Accessories Aftermarket Report year after year.

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