Plastikote Bed Liner Coating

The Plasti-Kote bed liner material is what we used on our old truck to make an old scraped up bed look better. Like most bed liner paint coatings, Plasti-Kote is a polyurethane paint with rubbery bits in it to give it texture. The texture makes the finished coat non-skid plus a little bit cushioned. Here's the scoop after living with this finish for about a year.

PlastiKote Bed Liner Application

Surface preparation is the key. Clean the surface of the bed first to get off any wax and grease. Do this before sanding. After cleaning sand using very rough sanding material. You want a very aggressive sanding. Then completely clean all the sanding material off the bed. After the cleaning and sanding, you've got the hard part done.

The Plasti-Kote bed liner paint goes on very easy and smooth. The rubber pieces in the paint are quite small so the coating goes on just like paint. A gallon is probably OK for short wheel base trucks, but many trucks will need at least 5 quarts of bed liner paint and two gallons is even better.

You can spray on the Plasti-Kote coating with the right gun, but most people will use a brush or roller. The brush or roller marks just go away anyway so I don't think you can tell any difference in the finish with a spray.

Make sure to mask whatever you don't want coated since this coating is really sticky. you won't be able to clean the coating off very well once it's on. It's permanent.

Plasti-Kote Bed Liner -- Does It Hold Up?

A professional spray in bed liner is usually several times thicker than a paint you put on yourself, so it's more durable. But with that said, especially for an older truck, the Plasti-Kote roll on bed liner may be plenty good enough.

For looks, these liners, roll on bed liners, are a huge improvement over an old rough bed. The look is just about as good as a professional spray on liner.

Our liner after a year of use still looks almost as good as new. The coating is scraped away in a few places just from hard use. Plasti-Kote makes a small spray on can so these dings can be easily touched up. Another thing that happens is the little rubber texture materials gets broken out of the paint coating if you really slide heavy, rough stuff on the bed. What you see is little white dots where the rubber has broken out. This doesn't really hurt anything and isn't noticeable.

Bed Liner Paint From Plasti-Kote Conclusion

The Plasti-Kote bed liner is easy to put on and it's cheap. It makes a truck bed, especially on an older truck look much better. It isn't as tough as a spray on professional liner, but the Plasti-Kote liner does stand up well to moderate use. We're still pleased with the liner for it's looks and durability.

I think there are better options available now. The Al's Bed Liner and the Monstaliner are two options. Also, adding a rubber bed mat over the bed should be done. And, lastly, consider the price of a professional liner like the Rhino. For later model trucks using a pro liner makes more sense than doing it yourself. Remember too tjat all that paint prep work is harder than you might think.

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