The Plasti-Kote Bed Liner

If you have read elsewhere on this site about our own experiences with a Plastikote bed liner you know it's been several years since we, my sons mostly, put coats of Plasti-Kote in an old truck. Here is a brief recap and what has happened since then...

Like maybe many others who take on a do it yourself bed liner project, we were looking at an older pickup with a solid bed but one that was getting pretty rough looking in places. We didn't want to put a lot of money into this truck.

After all, how long was the thing going to keep going? But then we wanted it to look better and we wanted some protection for the bed too. Thus an expensive spray on bedliner was out. A plastic bed liner was out too. Nobody makes one for this truck anyway... So on we went.

Putting the paint on is very easy. It's thick and gel-like so it rolls on with no trouble.

Getting ready to put it on is not so easy.

First of all, we had rust repair to do.

We did some serious sanding and coated the rusted areas with a chemical rust converter. It still think that was a good idea and that is probably a must for anybody's paint.

What's more we put on some primer after sanding the whole bed. Some paint makers say that is not required but I don't believe it. It think this is too much work to cut corners.

Spray Can Truck Bed Liner

PlastiKote does by the way make a spray can truck bed liner paint as well as a bed liner kit to put all or most of the pieces in one spot.

So what happened after nearly four years now of use???

Use in this case is general handyman hauling and some fairly serious use as a farm utility truck. At first we favored the bed and tried to protect the paint. After awhile we just blasted away at it and threw in whatever whenever and however. We just beat on the bed.

At first what happened was pieces of the texture were knocked off. The texture pieces by the way are mostly white in a black paint which is a little weird. The little rubber parts started to get knocked or torn off. That was a starting spot then for even more of the paint to get knocked off. That really what has happened.

As time and hard use have past more and more of the roll on bed liner coating has just been knocked and torn off. At this point maybe 10 percent of the coating is just torn away.

It was not peeled off at all. The paint stuck well and the preparation was adequate.

The coating has just generally been scraped and knocked off.

Do It Yourself Bed Liner

The overall appearance of the do it yourself liner is still better than what it was before the coat. You are getting a light dusting of rust where the paint has been torn away. It at this point needs a re-coat but from a distance it still looks fairly good.

The liner coating is quite thin even when we used a full two gallons rather than the recommended one gallon. With a thin coat hard use is going to tear away the coat in time and that is exactly what we see.

But then again to have gotten about four years of use out of a Plastikote bed liner is really not too bad considering what we started with and what it took to get the coating in place.

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