More About The Plastic Bed Liner Option

The plastic bed liners offer really tough protection for truck beds but at much less cost than spray on versions. With these liners one can still use a pickup for hauling and still not harm the bed of the truck. Most of the plastic choices are one piece and simply drop in and that's all that's required for installation.

One liner, the DualLiner, comes in several pieces and installs in a different manner. The DualLiner offers several advantages as described in the following list.

By pointing out the differences you can see several things to note if you are considering a drop in bed liner for your pickup rather than a roll on bed liner or spray on bed liner. Unlike the one piece liners like the Pendaliner or Duraliner, the DualLiner incorporates a rubber mat as the tough floor.

The DualLiner comes as interlocking front and side plastic pieces. Then you get a tailgate cover that snaps and bolts into place. Finally the important bottom cover is really, as stated, a thick rubber mat that meshes with the other parts. Here's how that offers more.

Plastic Bed Liners And Water

A drop in bed liner doesn't necessarily trap water, but they certainly hide it. Water pooling underneath a bed liner can easily be the start of rust and corrosion. That pooled water can be there because hidden drain holes are plugged or because the liner itself really has trapped the water.

In either case the DualLiner is less likely to hide and trap water than typical drop in liners. That's because it's easy to move the mat and check the drains. Also, because it's in pieces, there is plenty of area for water to get out. In addition, pooling water will be visible anyway, so you can react to it quickly.

Drop-In Bed Liners And Wear

Custom drop in truck bed liners often move when the wind passes over them as you motor down the road. That vibration and shaking often wears away paint from the bed. Couple that with water and again the liner can do more harm than good.

The DualLiner fit can be best since it's in several pieces and that means less chance for damage.

Rubber Truck Bed Mat

It's hard to beat thick rubber bed mats for protection. But the problem is that truck bed mats usually just protect the floor and not the sides. The DualLiner incorporates the plastic sides with a rubber mat to get the best of plastic and rubber. That means better protection but at reasonable cost too.

Plastic bed liners provide tough bed protection but beware of the several possible problems.

The DualLiner solves the plastic bed liner problems and does it for a reasonable price, even when compared to spray on bed liner versions.

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