The Pickup Truck Bed Mats -- Different Uses

After about three years experience with one I'm a pretty big fan of pickup truck bed mats. These things are easy to dismiss as compared to most truck bed liners these are easy to overlook. After all the cost is so low that it seems they could not be worth a whole lot anyway. I think that is not so and I'll show you why if you read along.

Why Pickup Truck Bed Mats Anyway

There are quite a few reasons why bed mats for trucks are a good idea. They are very tough, inexpensive, made for a lot of trucks and are very good protection as well as being non-skid and some more too.

As for being tough, rubber bed mats are so thick that they can stand most any sort of abuse. I suppose you could cut the mats but you will have a hard time for sure. These things often include some tire cord material in them so what you get is really more than just a rubber type product. I have dragged all sorts of stuff with sharp edges over my mat and you cannot tell it all. Of course rubber hides minor cuts and scratches really well but you likely won't get many of those anyway. Mats really take a beating.

Of course by the way you can get different kinds of truck bed mats too. Maybe most often you might think of rubber mats and that is what I have. However the carpet mats are another option if you prefer that sort of a cushion to rubber. Then too, some of the carpet liners are backed with rubber so you can actually get a rubber and carpet liner if your want to.

None of these cost much, whether it's rubber or carpet. The price is so low that maybe it seems like the liners are some kind of joke. They almost give these away for sure. I can assure you the liners are not a joke and the price, little as it is, is really a bargain if you need some kind of protection for the bed of a truck.

One thing about a lot of the high cost liners is that they can only be had in a few models. Since many liners are custom fit then it makes sense that the makers only carry liners for the more popular trucks and often for just newer trucks too. That means even if you want a drop in bed liner for a truck it may not be available for your truck. Now the spray in bed liners like the Rhino or the Line-X are another matter since they can spray any truck. But for the drop in liners and the carpet bed liners then you have to look for something else like pickup bed mats if your truck has no option available in some liners.

Then too depending on what you want to do the non-skid properties of rubber means that the rubber pickup truck bed mats are just right if you want what you put in the truck bed to just stay put. That's what will happen with these rubber mats.

Bed Mats For Trucks - Another Thing

The only real downside to bed mats for trucks is the mats only fit the bottom of the bed. The rest of the bed is unprotected with just a mat in place. That may not be a problem, just depends on what you do. Here's the thing though.

If you have a liner, either a custom carpet liner or a spray on liner or even a drop in plastic liner, you can use a mat to protect the bed liner. Who wants to beat up a bed liner that costs big money? Nobody.

Put a cheap mat over a more expensive liner and you get added protection for the bed of the truck as well as protection for the liner. Sure spray on bed liners come with a warranty. But who wants to beat the liner up and then have to ask somebody to fix it. Just protect the liner and make it last longer and look better. Just roll out a mat over the liner and you are ready to go.

There are lots of options for protecting a truck bed. Most cost a lot more than a simple mat. Many don't offer as much protection either, at least not for the floor of the bed. The pickup truck bed mats are cheap and well worth a look even if you put one over your more expensive liner to keep it looking just right.

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