The Pickup Bed Liners -- Premium Liners

The spray on truck bed liner, carpet bed liners and drop in bed liners are the premium pickup truck bed liners. Each has advantages and each is best for certain uses. Here's a brief run-down on whch does what best...

Spray On Bed Liner

The highest priced option is the spray on coating. These professionally applied coatings are a two part paint material. The paint dries hard and fast and is usually guaranteed for long periods. Now it's not guaranteed because it can't be damaged. It's guaranteed because it's put on properly and it can be repaired.

Many truck owners think these liners look best and they are useful for many purposes. The spray on bedliner reviews should point out the short-comings as well...

They are expensive and they can be damaged though. For many uses they work great, but for really rough hauling you'll still want cheaper truck bed mats over the spray lining.

Professionally applied liners seem to have eased down in price over times. What with all the competition... That makes them worth a serious look especially for later model trucks.

Carpet Bed Liners

The Bed Rug for trucks is a popular model. With this liner you get a carpet cover for the entire inside area of the bed. It's custom fit for each truck and may not be available for yours.

Carpet liners wouldn't be the best choice for greasy hauling or really rough cargo like concrete blocks for example. These liners will handle most loads and weather is not a problem at all.

Put these under a tonneau cover or a camper shell for a really luxury surface. These really are the thing if you find yourself on your knees in a truck bed. Also especially good as a non-skid cover.

We have an article about the BedRug carpet liner here...

Drop in bed liners

Maybe the toughest liner of all is the heavy plastic bed liner. Many are one piece, custom made for your truck model. Look out though for poor fits and also for liners that trap water under the plastic. Both these problems can lead to early rust and corrosion.

A better liner may be the DualLiner. It's tough too, but it's made in several sections to get the best fit and the best drainage.

Get our DualLiner pickup truck bed liners review at this link...

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