Which Pickup Bed Liners Are Best For You?

The pickup bed liners probably should be standard equipment on trucks.

That's because hauling almost any cargo will damage a truck bed. Scratched paint is just the place for rust to get started and then you really have trouble. Here are three ways to protect your truck bed with a liner.

A professional spray in bed liner is hard to beat. They give any truck a custom, finished look and they're tough too. So tough that you usually get a lifetime guarantee. Now that doesn't mean that your liner can't be damaged. It's just that it's repairable. If you're regularly hauling really rough loads, a different liner might be better, especially when you look at the price for a spray on liner. Another choice is a lot cheaper.

Pickup Bed Liners - Others

That's a bed mat. A rubber bed mat is a cheap way to protect the bed from damage. Of course pickup truck bed mats usually just protect the bottom of the bed. But you can get a truck bed carpet liner, like the BedRug, that covers the whole bed. That's an option that looks good and still is affordable.

Then there's the drop in bed liner. That's the one if you're really hauling nasty loads. Two reasons... It's almost impossible to tear up a plastic bed liner. They're just too tough. They stand up to any load. The other plus is the plastic bed liner is easy to clean too. Watch out for water standing under the liner though. That's a place for rust to start.

The DualLiner truck bed liner solves this problem since it's in multiple pieces. It's a low price bed liner that works well.

The pickup bed liners let you use your pickup without damaging the bed. Choose bed liners for trucks that best fit the way you use a pickup. A cheap liner is often just as useful as the most expensive ones.

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