A Paint On Bed Liner Is Easy

Sure a professional spray on bed liner looks good, but look at the price. Think paint on bed liner as an alternative instead.

Maybe you've wondered if you could do it yourself and save. We recently put on a roll on bed liner using Plasti-Kote. It was easier than I thought it would be. Here's the scoop...

Paint On Bed Liner

What surprised me most was the looks. See we just used a roller to put the paint on. When it dried, it looked just like it had been sprayed on. That's because the paint is so thick when you put it on. It just settles as it dries and looks so very even.

The paint on bed liner looks like a professional spray on bed liner, but it isn't as thick. That means it's easier to damage. It still may be just the thing for dressing up an older truck.

Don't underestimate the difference in a liner like the Rhino and most of the paint on liners. The Rhino will be generally far thicker and far tougher.

Most of the liner paint products are quite inferior to the better professionally applied bed liners.

Paint On Bed Liner Application

The actual application of the truck bed paint couldn't be easier. See, it's so thick that it just flows on very easily and smoothly. Note that it will take over a gallon to cover the bed of a full size truck. You'll need at least an extra quart. An extra gallon would be better. But putting on the paint is very easy.

Putting the paint on is indeed easy. Getting ready to put it on is not so easy. It's simple, but not easy. That's true for most any kind of paint work. Getting ready to paint is the hard part.

Make sure to rough up the bed well before applying the paint. That's the hard part. The paint will only stick well if the base is well sanded and clean. Use a regular automotive grease and wax remover to clean the old paint even before you do any sanding. The cleaning and sanding are easy too. It just takes a little time. It's time well spent though.

It's amazing how a paint on bed liner improves the looks of an old truck. With diligent preparation and a little paint, you can have a bed liner that looks like it cost a lot more than it really did. Besides the Plasti-Kote consider some of the newer liner paint products like the Al's Bed Liner or Monstaliner.

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