Is The Line-X Bed Liner The Best?

If you've ever seen a Line X bed liner then you get the idea already that this is one good looking bed coating for trucks. These folks claim to be the leaders in spray on bed liners and I'm sure that's true by some measures. The Rhino Linings people may differ I guess. Here's the thing about the Line-x.

It's hard to imagine that anybody wouldn't like the looks of these spray on bed liners on a truck. Talking about a finished look!!! This is what trucks should look like anyway. Seriously... You really can't use a truck much without beating up the bed unless you do have some sort of truck bed coating.

Line X Bed Liner Looks

Let's face it, bed liners are partly about looks...

The thing I like about the looks of the Line-X is that the liner sort of blends with the look of the truck. The emphasis here seems to be more on the hardness and toughness of the coating and less on the coat thickness, as with the Rhino for example. That way the liner is really not so noticeable.

Then you can get matching colors. I mean the liner can end up looking just about the exact same color as the truck which further adds to that blending in part as I just mentioned. You can get a bed that looks almost just like the rest of the truck and does not really stick out as an add-on at all.

I like that.

Just like any of the spray on bed liners the liner is a custom fit too. That means that it hugs right to every bend and nook in any bed at all. That means it will work on any truck too which of course is not true of a lot of the drop in bed liners.

Here's another thing...

Often one of the things that happens is that the color of liner coatings fades over time as the bed is exposed to the sun. I'm sure the Line-X will too as they offer an option for a model that will not fade over time. Unless the bed is covered somehow that is likely a good option to keep the original color for longer.

Looks are a matter of opinion in lots of things...

In my opinion the LineX bed liner is the best looking bed liner there is...

Especially with the colored bed liner options...

There's more than looks though...

Line-X Bed Liner Toughness

After all, I want a bed liner for protection and what good is it if it won't work. As I said, theses liners as compared to the Rhino do not seem to be as thick but neither are they as soft. Therein seems to be the different approach.

  • Harder for the Line-X.
  • Softer, but thicker for the Rhino.

You can check out all the test data that Line-x provides on their site that shows all sorts of tear and wear and impact tests. But it surely does seem that these folks have a tough liner coat. Read enough and you find that this coating seems to stand up to harsh abuse as well if not better than most anything else you can get. In most ways it's similar to other liners or better.

It does come with a warranty too so even if it gets beat up some it can be fixed which involves some application of more coating.

Note that the Line-X site has a comparison chart with the drop in bed liners and at that chart they look good compared to drop in liners. I get most of that but for impact resistance, which translates to how well the liner stops dents it seems to me that the plastic bed liners beat any spray on bed liners. By adding a layer separated from the bed you just have to get better real world protection from dents. In addition, drop in liners also tend to be stiff and thus are really good at absorbing impacts and spreading the forces of impacts.

Seems to me that the plastic bed liners win out over anybody's spray on bed liner when it comes to dent prevention. That goes for the DualLine too as it has both plastic and rubber in it.

Other than the chance that the plastic bed liner beats any spray on liner in dent prevention, the spray liners win just about every other way.

But What Does It Cost For A Line-X?

It's easy to get a quote on their website. You can get one and then you know.

Save money with a roll on bed liner and you may regret it.

Do it yourself bed liners produce a liner that looks much like a Line-X. Beyond looks though you get a liner that will not protect nearly as well based on my experiences and that of many others. If you want looks you can get some pretty good looking liners with Herculiner and the like, but the liner is no where near as tough in real use.

Getting a spray in liner is a great way to protect a truck. The Line X bed liner comes with a higher price than some of the other liner options but it is really a no-compromise solution to truck bed protection.

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