Line X

Is That A Line X Cost?

It's easy to get a Line X cost as you can just log on their main site and tell them where you are and an installer will get in touch. It's simple to do.

Here are a few things to consider.

The Line X is one of the more expensive coatings you can get and it seems to me that it's that way for a reason. This is one of those liner coatings that's what's called polyurea. And if you've seem the Line X you know this is a really hard sort of coating used in all sorts of places other than just truck beds.

Just look at some of the better do it yourself bed liner and see what those cost. Get the whole kit with enough material to cover the whole bed plus all the supplies it really takes to put on a liner and you're easily up there in the $200 range. And that gets you in most cases a liner that is not nearly so thick as a lot of the better professionally applied liners are.

My point is that the really top notch liners that you can roll on will cost you quite a bit just for the material.

What's more if you have to do any repair work you get to buy even more materials.

Whereas with a liner like the Line-X the dealer takes care of the service cost for nothing in most cases. There's more too.

If you read up on results with roll on bed liners you will quickly find a lot of fussing about liner peeling and bubbling and all sorts of problems.

You know why that is??? It's simple.

It isn't the liner material. It's the applicator. If you skip the proper surface preparation, which really isn't all that easy to do, then the paint will not stay on.

I imagine that most do it yourself installers actually do a pretty sorry job!

The Linex bed liner installers do it right. If they don't the customer will be right back. They have to do it right.

The Line X cost will be in the range of $400 to $700, or so, at this point. Look at all the costs of the alternatives and that may look like a bargain. It's certainly worth getting one of those free estimates to find out for sure.

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