How Much Does A Spray In Bedliner Cost?

If you look at how much does a spray in bedliner cost you will see all sorts of variation. The easiest way to get the best number for a local installation is to just call up an installer and get a quick estimate. You can also do a request at the Line-X site and you will get a local estimate.

Getting bed liner paint put on is not cheap. The prices vary all over the place but what you often get into is the options really boost the price. Probably few truck owners now get just the basic black liner. Here's the other thing. If you buy a Rhino or Line-X you're getting a well known product. If you buy from local installers they may be using any one of a number of different materials and different equipment to put it on. Some may be better than a Rhino and some are most definitely inferior in materials and in installation methods.

With a truck bed liner installation you'd better feel quite sure the installer is going to be around. The liner will suffer from wear and tear and it will need to be re-coated at some point. Count on it. Know the dealer.

Spray In Liner Cost - Bottom Line

The typical professionally installed liner coating is going to run you at least $350 at this point for the best truck bed liner paint coatings. Then again if you add on some options like paint colors you can see liner costs up in the $750 range. That's the spray bed liner cost for professional installation.

You can buy bed liner paint and do it yourself. It looks like you can do that for about $150, but that really is a bit deceiving. By the time you get all the supplies and buy extra paint, as the amount you get just barely covers everything, you are into more money. My guess is that a typical well done installation by the truck owner is going to be in the $200 range, on the low side, and it could be more. That's a ball park number.

So how much does a spray in bed liner cost? It's in the range of $350 to $750 for a professional installation from Rhino or Line-X or the equivalent. It's more likely $150 to $300 if you do it yourself. Note that what you get if you do it yourself can easily be a lesser quality product too, if you pick cheap paint and skimp on the surface prep.

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