The Herculiner Bed Liner Kit

The paint on bed liner, like the one from Herculiner looks almost just like a much more expensive professional spray on liner. That's why many truck owners choose Herculiner for a do it yourself bed liner. Here's why it is a top choice.

herculiner bed liner

Herculiner Colors

See you can get a bed liner in several colors. It's a cheap bed coating, but you still can choose white, gray, and red. It's not just black. That way you can match your truck color even with a cheap liner.

Easy to put on...

It's amazing how easy bed liner paint goes on. It's thick and just flows on almost like a paste. Putting the paint on is easy as could be. Funny thing is the thick paint dries to a smooth surface that looks like it was sprayed on evn if you rolled it on. It's amazing...

Way cheaper...

Bed liner paint costs just a fraction of the cost of a professional liner. Now if you have a new truck, a professional liner is the best choice. But if you have an older truck and don't want to spend a wad of money, this is the route to take. Save a lot and still get a better looking truck and a bed coating that helps protect your truck.

The trick to installation of the bed liner isn't putting it on. It's getting ready to put it on. Just like any paint project the real problem is cleaning the surface to be painted and then getting it sanded or scuffed up so the paint will stick.

Preparation work for liner installation isn't complicated, but then again it isn't all that easy or clean either.

The Herculiner Kit

You'll need several supplies to get the job done. There's a Herculiner liner kit that has everything already in one place. That way it's all put together, ready to go.

A bed liner paint job improves the looks of a truck and it has a look much like a professional spray on liner. Get a better looking truck and spend very little money on the project. The Herculiner truck bed liner is a good choice... Another option worth a close look is the Al's Bed Liner product.

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