Full Metal Jacket Bed Liner Differences

The Full Metal Jacket Bed Liner may be used at bed liner dealers near you. It could be that dealers are using this spray for truck bedliner application and you might hear about it and then maybe not.

full metal jacket bed liner

This is one of those products that offers technical advantages that actually make it better for the user and yet those advantages may get swallowed up in the endless stream of marketing messages and hype... Here's the deal.

Full Jacket is a spray coating but in a way that spray coating is almost the same as a drop in truck bed liner since in effect it's built or molded right into the truck bed. Technically it's a pure polyurea compound as compared to polyurethane. It's said to be tough and abrasion resistant but so do they all. That goes for Line-X, Rhino liners and even Herculiner too.

This one though is put on using heat and under pressure that makes it easier to get it to stay on vertical surfaces. In addition it's all solids and contains no solvents.

Full Metal Jacket Bed Liner Look For This

Just notice if you get a chance that many of the spray liners you see are really put on very, very thin on the sidewalls of the bed. It really is harder to get the material to stick on the vertical surfaces. It's physics you know. Gravity and all that...

In addition The Full Metal Jacket liner coat can be sprayed over old urethane bed liners without a primer and over quite a few different sorts of materials too. How can a product that's all solids be called a liquid bed liner? Maybe it's a spray on solid bed liner, which sounds a little odd???

The Full Metal Jacket bed liner is fast dry paint and a different sort of material that is worth looking for at local dealers.

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