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Ford Truck Bed Liners For Hauling?

Maybe you think a spray on bed liner is the best of the Ford truck bed liners. And maybe that's true. But for really serious hauling spray on liners have problems and there's a better answer... a cheaper answer too. Here's why...

ford truck bed liners

Professional spray on liners like the Rhino Lining or Line X look great and are guaranteed. They cost big money though and there's a catch. These liners are guaranteed, but that doesn't mean they won't be damaged. It means they are repairable.

Use these liners for rough work and you will damage the coating. Then it must be repaired.

Ford Truck Bed Liners -- What To Do

So what do you do? Buy a liner to protect the expensive liner?

Here's an option. Consider a drop in truck bed liner. That's because these liners are almost impossible to damage. The thick plastic is as tough as can be. Another alternative is a rubber bed mat. Again, it's almost impossible to tear up a rubber bed mat. Is there a way to get the best of both?

That's the Dual Liner idea. With this liner, the bottom of the liner is a rubber bed mat. The sides, front and tailgate covers are tough plastic panels. All the pieces snap together to keep it all in place. You get no water build up under the liner and no moving around of the liner. Those are the two biggest problems with most plastic liners.

Ford truck bed liners come in all kinds of styles. It's hard to beat a DualLiner since it combines rubber and plastic to produce a liner that fits right and stands up to the roughest use. It's not expensive either. The liner must be a custom fit. If you need a Ford F150 bed liner, you're OK, but for more rare trucks, the Dual Liner may not make a model for your truck.

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