Duplicolor Bed Armor Ideas

What you get with the Duplicolor Bed Armor is a polyurethane paint designed to be used on truck beds. This is a product in a crowded field but when you get DupliColor you certainly get some people working on this product that know a lot about paint for sure.

Like most of the paint this one comes in a kit, if you choose to buy it that way. That gets you some application tools as well as a gallon of paint and a scrub brush.

I note that the paint is water based and I really imagine that the environmental regulations will push all the paint makers to that before too long.

In spite of what anybody says, no kind of paint will stick to oil and grease or wax either. It may be guaranteed not to peel or flake, but it will if you put on a surface that has not been cleaned of stuff that will keep it from sticking.

Dupli-Color Bed Armor And Surface Prep

That's why all these paint on bed liners require some surface preparation as do any of the various spray on liner products or they really won't stay on long as to some degree paint is paint. It needs a clean surface to go over to give it a chance to stay on.

But this one has Kevlar in it. So do some of the Line-X bed liners. Since Kevlar is used in tires and in body armor that surely makes it just the thing for a bullet-proof liner, doesn't it? I wonder. Kevlar is usually used in long fibers that are all but impossible to cut. As they say, it is stronger than steel in some ways. However if you put little fibers or powder in something what good does that do? Probably not much...

The really telling part about bed liner paint is how little of it is used. For the Line-X and Rhino Liner you are getting considerably more coating than you get with a liner like the Dupli-Color. The gallon of coating is just barely enough to cover the surface of a pickup bed. It is tough paint I'm sure, but it is not very thick at all.

Dupli-Color Bed Armor -- Clearly Better???

Putting on bed liner paint using a Dupli-Color liner kit or something similar is a great way to get a better looking truck bed and at a quite low price. It is much less clear that this or any other liner paint bed liner as Ford liners or for other trucks will make great protection for a truck bed. The Dupli-Color Bed Armor with Kevlar may be considerably different than the Rustoleum or Herculiner or Gator Guard or What A Liner or one of the numerous bed liner paint makers but I doubt it.

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