Dualliner Truck Bed Liner

Dual Liner Truck Bed Liner Tips

The DualLiner truck bed liner fits within the plastic bed liner category, but with somewhat unique features. The design combines traits of two different types of liners and it may not be so clear why it works at first glance.

Plastic bed liners in general are suited for certain use.

Drop in bed liners like the Duraliner bed liner or the Pendaliner bed liners really stand out when the hauling jobs are rough and nasty.

That's simply true because the material used in the liners is so rugged and tough.

That results in protection for pickup boxes that stand up to very abrasive cargo and just plain nasty messes as well.

dualliner liner

Especially for use that might produce dents in the bed, the plastic liners work well since the material of the liners tend to spread out loads that might otherwise make for dents.

The drop in liners also offer protection that works well for not a lot of money or trouble.

But there's more.

What you must watch for is damage to the bed.

That comes in two forms.

Poor fitting liners often move around in the wind and that can easily rub the paint beneath the liners and get to bare metal. That's a likely spot for corrosion to get started. Especially when combined with problem two.

Water often pools underneath a drop in bed liner either just because it gets trapped by the liner or worse. A clogged drain under the liner may certainly result in pools of water that sadly may remain for some time, since the water is hidden. That's a further likely spot for rust to get going.

Thus the design of the Dual Liner.

Rather than just being a single piece of plastic with a tailgate cover, the DualLiner uses three interlocking molded plastic pieces for the front and sides of the bed and a tailgate cover and a big difference. The floor cover is a rubber bed mat that mates to the plastic pieces.

Rubber bed mats, if anything, are even better for floor protection than plastic floors.

Almost impossible to damage, the mats stand up to just about anything. What's more the mats are very unlikely to wear away bed paint. In addition, mats are much easier to remove than is a regular drop in liner. That means checking for pooling water is easier and good drainage is probably as likely or more so than with a regular plastic liner.

So with a DualLiner truck bed liner you get plastic protection custom fit to your truck box on the front, back and sides. You get the toughest of truck bed mats on the floor. That provides protection from dents and scratches. It provides a non-skid floor surface. It makes drainage that works well and easy access for monitoring drains. And all for not much money. Plus it's easy to ship and easy to install.

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