Consider The Lowly Drop In Bed Liner!

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It could be that a drop in truck bed liner is better than a spray on bedliner at least in some ways. But what's best for your truck depends on how your pickup is used. Here are 5 ways the drop in bed liner might be a better choice

Drop In Truck Bed Liner Advantages


How about half as much compared to spray in liners??? Many plastic bed liner models are only about half as much to buy compared to the better professional spray in liners. That gets you a custom fit liner that will last even though it gets used really hard and for really abusive sorts of hauling.

If cost is a factor the plastic liners are worth at least a look.

There's more too...

Drop In Liners Toughness

It's hard to beat that thick plastic bed coating. See, you almost can't damage a plastic liner even if you try. The plastics are all but impossible to destroy. That means you can haul concrete or anything abrasive and it's no problem.

A spray on liner is after all a paint coating. It is tough and it is thick but it can be damaged with the right sort of use. It can be repaired, but that doesn't mean it can't be damaged. Repair means spray it again too.

Plastic Bed Liners And Sliding

Try sliding heavy metal objects over your spray in liner??? The same job with heavy drop in truck bed liners is no thing. Sliding works better with the drop in liner... If you don't want things to slide it may take a little extra effort.

Rubber truck bed mats over liners make for a no-skid surface.

Plastic Pickup Liners And Pounding

Related to toughness is taking a beating. Potential dents get soaked up by drop in truck bed liners. There is some rubber texture to spray coatings, but nothing to compare to the protection of plastic. Almost dent-proof is what your truck bed is with the right liner...

Not only that, impact forces get spread to a larger area with plastic materials so the chance for dents is greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.

View of the Dualliner bed liner

Drop In Bed Liner Removal

Pound that liner and you can just slip it out and slip in a replacement. It's easy to replace and easy to change. You're stuck with a spray in liner. If it's damaged and beat up, it either stays that way or it gets repaired. Of course you could always cover it up with a plastic liner!!!

The drop in truck bed liner works better than more expensive liners in some ways. There are some down sides to these drop-in bed liners though. That's why you should pick the right one... And they just aren't really the same as the spray on liners. They are not directly comparable.

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