Do It Yourself Liquid Bed Liners

The do it yourself bed liners are an inexpensive way to make an older truck look better. My two sons just installed one of these on an old truck. Here's why we chose to do this and how it went...

Do It Yourself Liquid Bed Liners OR Spray In Bed Liner?

Easy... Too much money. I can't justify big dollars for a bed liner on an old pickup that's used for rough hauling anyway. So a spray on bedliner is really out for financial reasons as much as anything else. But, the cost of a DIY bed liner is in the cost range that MIGHT make sense. Besides, it's fairly simple to do. Getting started may be the hardest part.

Bed Liner Kit To Get Better Looks

A scratched up truck bed will usually end up as a rusty mess. That's why it's a lot better to work on the bed before it gets too far gone. The plus to bed liner paint is you can use it to make an already damaged bed look a whole lot better. A really rough bed can look almost like new for not much money. Then a new coat of paint gives your truck bed some added protection at the same time.

So, it's better looks for your truck and some truck bed protection at the same time...

The Steps To Do It Yourself Liquid Bed Liners

There are three main steps to installing a bed liner yourself. It just takes careful cleaning, then rough sanding, then the actual painting. Here are some tricks.

Cleaning is a must for truck bed paint to stick tight. Wax and grease can cause paint to loosen and peel. Careful cleaning makes for paint that sticks. The real trick is to use the right cleaner. The right cleaners make for a clean bed and sticky paint. Then comes the rough work...

You want rough sanding, not smooth sanding. What works best is a scratched surface that paint can really grab. That's why you just sand with coarse paper or even an abrasive pad. No finish work required.

The easy part comes next. You can roll on liner paint or you can brush it on. You can spray it. They're about the same. That's because you're working with really thick paint with lots of texture in it. It really hides defects and it looks almost like a spray on liner once it dries. It just goes on and probably covers in just one coat... two at most.

Getting the right supplies may take some looking around.

One of the easiest ways to get started is with a bed liner kit.

One of the more popular kits comes from Herculiner. I'm considering either the Al's Bed Liner or the Monstaliner for my next bed liner project.

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