Check This Chevy Silverado Bed Liner

To construct a Chevy Silverado bed liner using spray on coatings you have to basically destroy the bed paint. And after the factory went to all the trouble to put it on there. On top of that the spray on bed liners are all more or less permanent. I don't know about you but I sometimes change my mind. But then you could get a plastic bed liner. Finding a Chevy bed liner from one of the drop in bed liner providers is not too tough.

But with a lot of the drop in bed liner models you get these horror stories about the liners wearing away paint from the bed. You see, the story goes that the liners move around as you're going down the road and then the moving of the liner wears away on the bed. The plastic liner fans indicate that the story is a malicious unfounded rumour, sort of an urban legend.

Rust And Silverado Liners?

Only problem is I've seen the rusty beds. It happens. The worn away paint mixed with water under the liner equals, with time, a rusty bed.


The Dual Liner could be called a drop in bed liner. It's has plastic molded to fit on the sides and front and tailgate. That way you get the protection of the plastic at those critical spots. On the floor though there is not plastic so you don't have the same potential for the liner to damage the bed. What you get on the floor is a rubber truck bed mat that meshes with the plastic pieces on the sides and the front of the bed. This liner can be used for severe service with little chance that it will hurt the truck. Which suggests another thing.

Those cheap rubber truck bed mats make a lot of sense even if all you do is put one over a spray on bed liner to protect the expensive paint coating. For the money you can't get more than the rubber mats.

The bed liners for Chevy trucks can come from lots of places. It could be for my money that the best Chevy Silverado bed liner is a Dual Liner with the rubber floor. If you want a spray liner it still seems to me that the best addition to the spray coating is a bed mat to keep the high priced liner from being beat to pieces.

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