Picking The Best Truck Bed Liner

It's very clear that a lot of people will pick the premium spray in bed liners as the best truck bed liners. That's hard to argue with too. You can't beat the looks of the better liner coatings like the Rhino liners or the Line X spray in bedliner. Original pickup boxes just look like they are missing something anyway. The spray coatings finish the look of a truck and add tough protection at the same time. You can check the spray on bed liner reviews and find a variety of opinions about these liners.

In most cases trucks really aren't used all that hard. The toughness of the liner coat is not really challenged all that much. It's only when the going gets rough that the liner coat is put to the test. If you listen to the liner folks you get the impression that the spray coatings are the equivalent of the plastic bed liners and able to stand just about any kind of use. It's clear too that the liners put on by the different installers vary much. The Rhino liners are now made in s number of different models. One coating cannot really work best in every situation so the Rhino linings are offered in different formulas. One is much like the Line-X in looks and hardness. So the Rhino has a lot of different approaches so that what you want is likely withing what they make. That includes colors and UV resistance too.

Best Truck Bed Liner

It could be the Rhino has the ultimate liner coatings. Now that may not be too as there are all sorts of liner installers using other products that are very high in quality. That goes for SpeedLiner, Scorpion Coatings, Full Metal Jacket and Vortex. Some of these liner materials may not be as visible as Rhino and Line-X but there are lots of these installations out there too.

Here's the thing about spray on bedliners though. This is after all a painted on liner coat. To get a liner on the right way the existing finish is ruined. That may not sound so bad on an old truck. On a new truck it is painful to think that a perfectly good paint coat gets sanded to a scratched and etched surface just so liner paint can be put on. It makes sense since the new liner is intended to be permanent but it's strange all the same.

Thoughts About Best Truck Bed Liners

Here's another thing. It's very possible to gouge and tear some liner coats. The damage can be repaired but you're looking for the original installer to handle that. There is a guarantee after all. You better know that the installer will be around for the life of the truck. That's a tall order. If that doesn't happen you likely won't have a like new liner for the life of the truck. It's something to think about.

If you want something less permanent then the drop in truck bed liners are worth a look too. The liners from Penda like the Duraliner and the Pendaliner come to mind. These are tough plastic and made to take some hard use. The plastic is not as heavy in all cases as you might like but nonetheless these are made to use. The proce on these is many case is half or less what the better spray coats will cost. What you have to watch for is damage to the bed from the liner. Shifting liners in the bed can wear paint off the bed under the liner. It may not happen but sometimes it does. These liners are worth a look if you don't want to spend as much and plan to really use a truck.

Now for some users full carpet liners from BedRug are just the right product. These work better under cover though and do not mix with grease and grime.

Another option is the do it yourself liners using bed liner paint. But no way these are better than a Rhino or Line-X. They are just cheaper. That's all. And quite a bit of work to get on too. But there's another route.

Seems to me that the rubber truck bed mats are the value leader among all the bed liner options. The pickup bed mats cost just about nothing and yet offer all sorts of tough protection on the floor of the truck. The thick rubber absorbs shock and resists scratches and tears too.

Here's the deal.

Put a rubber truck bed mat over a Rhino Liner and you have the ultimate solution for the best truck bed liner. If you want a plastic liner then consider the DualLiner as it already used a rubber bed mat for the floor which eliminates most of the plastic bed liner troubles. But for the best bed liner the combination of premium spray coatings and the rubber mat is the best of everything. The only problem with that approach is the high cost of the spray coating.

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