The Best Spray In Truck Bed Liner

If you want a bed liner then often the spray in liners are really the only option. All the custom fit liner choices are made to fit just certain trucks and that may not include the one you have. There may not be one best spray in truck bed liner but it is possible to narrow down the choices.

One of the top name liner may be the best one to get.

In particular the Line-X is a top contender. It's harder than a lot of the others and less likely to tear and get big gouges in it.

Now the Rhino or SpeedLiner are contenders too. And it's partly because these liners are guaranteed. So if they get torn up and the dealer stands behind them then you have a more or less permanent solution.

What About The Best Do It Yourself Bed Liner

It likely is not one of the best known liners. These are mostly made to sell in quantity at a price and there is a lot of hype associated with many of these liners.

The key to liners staying on and working properly all boils down to the surface preparation. Do it right or the liner project will fail.

It's pretty clear as you read results with the bed liner paint that most folks who put the paint on do an absolutely pitiful job.

Somehow people seem to get the idea that you can easily roll on some paint and get spray in bed liners like a Rhino. It ain't going to happen.

Best Spray In Truck Bed Liner

Putting on bed liner paint is simple. It isn't all that easy.

You have to clean and you have to sand or it will not work.

Here are what seem to me to be the best liners...

Look at Al's Bed Liners. They are related to the Scorpion Liner coatings that are installed by dealers. These coatings can be customized for hardness, texture and color. They also lay out exactly what has to be done to get the paint to stick. This is on my list of liner materials to test.

The other one is MagnaLiner. Again this is a no hype liner made to be UV resistant which most liner paint isn't. It also comes with primer made to be rolled on. That recognizes that the big trouble with putting this paint on is getting it to stick. You have to clean and you probably need primer too. Again this is a no hype honest attempt at making paint that does the job. It isn't particularly cheap but then neither is redoing this kind of project.

The best spray in truck bed liner is one that is done by somebody else that has a guarantee that is honored. The second best is one that you put on after proper surface prep. Likely looking materials are from Al's liners and from Magnaliner. In any case surface prep's the thing.

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