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A number of Bed Rug reviews are quite easy to come by since the carpet bed liner they manufacture has been around for years. It's a proven method of bed protection.

bedrug reviews

Especially well suited for use under pickup bed covers, the carpet liners are especially easy on more delicate cargo. That's not to say that the liners are delicate. Such is not the case. The carpet material is very tough. But it stands to reason that grimy and nasty loads would produce a real cleaning project if you want to keep the liners looking good.

The Bed Rug carpeted truck bed liner is not the only product for the company. You can get carpeted bed mats as well. It's the carpet liners that are associated with the name but now there is a totally different approach with the Bed Tred.

Maybe this liner is more like the Dual Liner plastic bed liner and less like the typical carpet bed liner. It's more of the dirty cargo type and less of the luxury look of carpet.

For many users a truck bed rug is a wise choice.

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