Bed Liner Paint -- Which One To Choose?

Bed liner paint is a fast and cheap way to install a bed liner in your truck. Apply the coating with a roller, brush or paint gun.

Check out the following comparisons between three of the leading paint products.

Also consider another really great option...

That's the DualLiner Bed Liner. It's a combination of plastic sides for the bed and a rubber floor. It's a top option.

Herculiner Bed Liner Paint

The Herculiner bed liner paint is advertised as a thicker coating than the competition. My neighbor just used Herculiner on an old truck. The coating does appear to be thicker, the texture a bit more like a professional spray on liner than some coatings.

Herculiner offers colors other than black. You can get white, gray and red.

Also this company offers a complete bed liner kit so you get all the supplies for application in one package. It's a little more expensive than the other options, but maybe a little more advanced product. Remember you'll need an extra quart for an eight foot bed ... a total of five quarts.

Competition is fierce in the bedliner paint business. Here are some other makers of paint...

Plasti-Kote Bedliner Paint

bed liner

We used Plasti-Kote paint for our project. Like I said, the hardest part is cleaning and sanding the existing paint coat and then masking for painting. The actual application to the clean bed was fast. We used brushes up under the bed rails and then a roller on the rest of the bed.

Bed paint has small rubber granules in it that gives it some texture. The paint sticks well and dries in about a day. We actually bought two gallons. The thicker the better. The bed on this truck is a little longer than six feet. A bed longer than six feet will need at least 5 quarts.

The looks of the bed is much improved over the original worn bed. After a year we have a few gouged out places in the coating. These can be easily retouched with spray Plastikote bed liner paint. A few of the little rubber granules have broken out of the paint as things have been dragged along in the bed. You get a little white spot there, but no problem.

Our liner has been very satisfactory on our truck. Cheap, durable and good looking.

Note that the real work in putting on a roll on bed liner is the surface preparation. Getting the surface to be coated clean really takes some special automotive cleaner to get off ALL the grease, oil and wax that might be on the bed. You cannot sand it off either. Clean it off...

Sanding is a must as well.

Sanding with coarse abrasives is what must happen. A really scratched up surface is what will hold paint the best. That should be done all over the bed for best results.

Some people say the paint is so sticky and hard to get off your hands so you don't need to worry about the paint sticking. Don't believe it.

Do the surface preparation.

Dupli-Color Truck Bed Liner Paint


I haven't tried this one yet. Very similar to Plasti-Kote. Note that Dupli-Color does sell a special gun for paint gun application of their product. They also only recommend application of this product over the original factory finish. I guess you could still get good results if you do the surface prep right.

You may also want to spray on some primer before painting too. Overall this bed liner paint looks very similar to Plasti-Kote.

Now there are all sorts of other paint options. Some are widely available like the products from Rustoleum. Others are more obscure, but seem to be technically superior. In this category you have the Al's bed liner and the Magnaliner or Monstaliner. Check these out for sure. The better do it yourself liners now rival the Linex and Rhino coatings.

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