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The BedRug For Trucks -- Best Application

Though the BedRug brand of liners is most often associated with the full carpet bed liner, BedRug makes mats as well as the new "foam" BedTred liner for trucks.

But for the most popular full coverage carpet bed liner from BedRug, where is it best used and why?

These carpet liners get put together using marine grade carpet. That makes the liners able to stand up to harsh and wet environments. That includes most any kind of nasty outside use.

Though it will take some time for wet liners to dry which may not be such a good idea for the metal under the cover that really is not such a big deal.

All in my opinion of course.

Using Them

In addition, the carpet used in these covers can take pressure cleaning and most other types of cleaning and cleaning chemicals.

But seriously, let's face it, though carpet can be cleaned, it sometimes is not so fun to actually stare a carpet liner cleaning project right in the face. Get grease and grime on carpet and maybe you can get that off, and maybe not, but who wants to even try.

Really grimy use is not the best place to use carpet liners. That's so simply because the carpet is not very easy to get clean.

Certainly these mats work well over a roll on bed liner or a spray on liner, as then you have the mat protecting these other liner types.

Best applications for carpeted bed liners, with the full coverage types like the Bed Rug for trucks or carpet mats, in contrast to the rubber truck bed mats, is in a cleaner kind of spot. Likely these mostly get used under tonneau covers or under bed caps as those spots make far more sense. Clean-up in those cases is accomplished with little or no trouble at all.

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