The Bed Liners For Dodge Trucks

Once you look at all the bed liners for Dodge trucks you realize there are a lot of options. Spray on bed liners work for any truck, but you can get at least three other types that are all in some ways better than the spray in bed liners. Those options are the carpet bed liners, the drop-in bed liners and the bed mats for trucks. Here's what to consider with each type of Dodge bed liner.

The drop in bed liners are an inexpensive option and many Dodge models will have a custom fit liner available. While the Penda liners are popular choices they come in the Duraliner and the Pendaliner models.

These are tough plastic drop in models that cost much less than the better spray in liners. You don't have to wreck the paint in your bed to put one in either. There's just something that rubs me the wrong way about sanding on a perfectly good bed coating that cane from the factory to put on a coat of spray paint. If you want to skip that you can go with a plastic liner.

Dodge Ram Bed Liner

The plastic liner that you can get for many Dodge trucks including a Dodge Ram 1500 bed liner in the most recent years is the Dual Liner. This liner uses rubber on the floor rather than plastic. That has several advantages including less chance of plastic wearing on the floor of the truck bed. It's worth a look as the Dual Liner bed liner is a little more expensive than the other plastic liners but is maybe even tougher and just as good looking in the truck.

Another completely different option for a Dodge Ram bed liner is the BedRug carpet bed liner. This won't work with all Dodge trucks but is offered for several models. This is the softer approach. You wouldn't want this for hauling greasy old motors. But under tonneau covers and truck bed caps it is a preferred liner. It's a luxury type surface.

The Dodge Ram Bed Mat

Then there is the inexpensive and easy to overlook Dodge Ram bed mat. This has to be a custom fit too but is offered in models to fit a lot of trucks. These rubber truck bed mats will work for your truck to keep the floor in good shape no matter what happens. This is a thick rubber mat that is superior for impact resistance and for abrasion resistance too. The Protect might be best known but other lines include the Trail FX and the Dee Zee for short wheel base trucks.

The best bed liners for Dodge trucks still work better with mats on top. This is one easy to overlook option. Just use a Dodge truck bed mat on top of the liner you pick to get more shock protection and a layer that not only protects the truck floor but the liner as well.

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