Some Bed Liner Paint Tips

The bed liner paint after all is really what you get with a spray on bedliner. Now granted it's extra special paint but after all it's still paint. Why not just opt for a do it yourself spray on bed liner then. Well, many people do just that and save some serious money.

bed liner paint

A diy bed liner can be a spray on, brush on bed liner or a roll on liner. And oddly enough the finished product in each case looks almost exactly the same. It's mostly a matter of which application method is easier for you.

A paint on bed liner is well within the reach of most handy people.

The Herculiner bed liner kit may be the most popular as it has almost all of what you need for the project all in one package.

Other makers of the bed liner paint include Rustoleum, Plasti-Kote, Gator Guard, Raptor and Duplicolor.

All are similar but somewhat different.

I would suggest you look at Al's bed liners. Click the picture above. Or look at the Monstaliner. These are two of the top liners right now.

Another plus now are the colored truck bed liner coatings.

Read on for more on applying truck liner paint and getting a paint on bed liner yourself.

Even though the spray on bed liner from a major brand is still paint, the do it yourself versions are quite different. The technology used to apply the professional liners is quite different. But practically speaking the paint you apply yourself may be good enough and all you really need.

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Herculiner is a top roll on bed liner pick. Comes in several colors.

Plasti-Kote goes on like paint and we can report on a long-term test.

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