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Al's Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit

At least with one bed liner kit you can get the same material that you would get if you had the liner sprayed on at a professional installer. That liner kit is the one from Al's truck bed liner kit. This is a DIY kit with all sorts of components so you can put a liner on that is pretty much just like whatever liner you want. Here's what that means.

Al's Bed Liner

This is one of those three parts coatings that you mix right before spraying. The kit contains what it takes to mix up a gallon of paint. Then you also get some primer, pigment and mixing paddles.

Like a lot of other liner paints this coat can be put on with brush, roller or sprayer. There is a special spray gun and hopper you can get if you want to go that route. But then there is also a kit with a roller that you get as an option if you choose to go that way.

Now this all makes this liner material like the Scorpion Coatings material. That name may not be familiar to you but this is a coating used by a lot of the professional installers. It's been around for a long time.

What installers can do with the Scorpion liners is to put on a liner that is pretty much just like many other liner coats. As you probably know some liners are noted for being thicker and softer, more rubber-like. And then, some liners are thinner and much harder. There are advantages to each of course. But then again some of the differences in liners is just personal preference.

Bed Liners For Trucks

Here's the thing about the Al's Liners or the Scorpion coatings. You can add components to the base liner coat and make the finished liner like either the softer or the harder liner or like something else entirely.

The Custom Al's Truck Bed Liner

It can be customized all kinds of ways.

There is a flattening agent that when added changes the hardness as well as the skid properties.

Then too, like many of the other liner paints you get rubber particles to make the coat have a texture and soft feel. But the difference is with the Al's liner the rubber is optional. Add it if you like or do without it for a smoother finish. You might note that the rubber pieces in any bed liner coat are a spot that can get broken out with hard use. Leaving the rubber out has some appeal.

Last, the coating comes standard with either black, tan or grey pigment. But the pigment is only added when the components are combined. That means that you could really tint the coat just about any way. Using automotive pigments one can match most any color, even metal flakes. It's custom all the way.

What's you get with the Al's Bed Liner material is a high solids coat that is more like what an installer would use. There are other tools and additives as well. This is not the cheapest bed liner kit but it is worth a look, for the options it provides. This Al's truck bed liner kit is in my top two options for my next bed liner installation.

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